STAR project - waterview database

The review of European assessment methodologies was one of the main result of Workpackage 3 of the STAR research-project ('Standardisation of River Classifications') supported by the European Commission. The information presented was mainly been obtained by circulating a specially designed questionnaire to agencies involved in monitoring of lotic waterbodies in various European countries. Not only EU member countries and candidate states but all European countries were included into the overview. After a six-month extension the STAR project has ended by the end of June 2005.

A new review of the assessment methodologies used in Europe was done in 2010 and updated in 2011 as one product of the EU-funded research project WISER, so consequently the waterview database went offline. The new database will be updated during the first half of 2012.

Browse the results of the review and search for national assessment methods used to classify the ecological status of rivers, lakes, coastal and transitional waters in Europe:
WISER methods database